Article Ghostwriting: Quality Custom Articles and Blog Posts

Article ghostwriting ranges from “how-tos” to interviews and feature stories 500 to 2,000 words long. Blog posts are shorter and less formal than articles.

Ghostwritten content saves you time while you get all the credit for the work. And if it’s clear, it can show you and your business in the best light.

But in this age of artificial intelligence (AI), bland writing doesn’t reflect your unique voice and personality.

Classy Writing sets your brand apart, highlighting your strengths. It shows potential customers how your values align with theirs to win their support. And it conveys solutions to your customers’ problems to get you more of the right leads.


GOLD – “Everything”

  • brainstorming the topic
  • writing and rewriting the post
  • writing the headline
  • research and fact-checking, with my own sources


  • I write and rewrite the post based on your headline and outline
  • research and fact-checking with your sources or my own

Optional additions at no extra cost:

  • SEO keywords for your target market
  • one royalty-free or stock photo per post
  • an outline of each post before I write it
  • social media blurbs and/or website summaries for each post
  • formatting in your content marketing platform (CMS)


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About Michelle and Her Article Ghostwriting

Michelle Troutman smiling as she promotes article ghostwriting.

With 16+ years of experience, I offer marketing insights aligned with the latest best practices. I’m HubSpot-certified in SEO, email, inbound, and content marketing. I also have SEO experience to optimize your site with targeted keywords.

Though I use AI during editing, I handcraft every sentence. I also use my own sources, when necessary, to write articles and double-check facts.

Discover how I write a great blog post.


How Well-Written and Trustworthy Articles Define Your Business

Content artificial intelligence (AI) creates lacks a skilled writer’s flair. Though it’s often clear and grammatically correct, in default mode, it exceeds average reading levels (high school vs. sixth-grade).

Readers should be able to understand and follow your directions. Convincing them to act also involves appealing to their emotions, such as the fear of missing out on an offer.

A skilled writer’s content also speaks in a human voice, filled with emotions drawn from personal experiences, which AI lacks. A human writer may add metaphors and paint pictures with words to “show” rather than “tell.” They can turn vague phrases like “meets your needs” into concrete terms such as “helping young professionals save for retirement.”

Michelle contributed her journalism skills to Waterville Main Street for several years as the creator and author of the popular Meet Me Downtown column, a series of articles featuring locally-owned downtown businesses. Incredibly well-researched and written, Michelle’s articles provided a glimpse into the world of downtown that conveyed the unique character of our businesses and encouraged a true sense of community.

Shannon Haines, former executive director, waterville main street

Accurate and credible content is vital for building your reputation and your search engine rankings. To meet Google E-E-A-T algorithm standards, use your expertise to boost your authority and trustworthiness. And ease your ability to get the right clients–those who value you and your expertise.