Freelance Ghostwriting Services for Businesses That Need a Boost

When you need freelance ghostwriting services to get the right clients, you often must spend time rewriting your marketing content. Classy Writing helps service pros makeover their copy to attract customers who value their expertise.

Who I work with

I’m selective about who I work with and the projects I take on. Agreeing on the price is part of that.

As you evaluate me, consider whether we share the same values, too. Studies show that people prefer to work with brands that align with their values. If our principles are similar, we should form an ideal team.



As a savvy buyer, you know investing a little more in freelance ghostwriting services can help you reach serious buyers.

You also value the effort involved in content creation. That entails researching your customers’ “pain points” or headaches, then adding copy that addresses and relieves them and any buyer resistance. Though I use artificial intelligence (AI) to edit, I handcraft every sentence based on marketing psychology and proven methods to entice action.

Given the attention to detail required, my flat rates vary by the scope of the project. They’re not hourly to ensure more value. Your purchase will also help fellow business owners. I’ll also donate five percent of the proceeds to a local organization that supports business ownership. I can send you a copy of the receipt as proof of the donation, too.

Payment Details

For small projects (under $1,000), I request full payment upfront. Otherwise, upon receipt of your signed approval and 50 percent upfront deposit, I’ll start work. I’ll invoice you for the balance upon completion of the first draft (before revisions), and give you 30 days to provide feedback. I’ll forward my draft for your review on or before any agreed-upon deadline. And I’ll work with you until you’re satisfied with the final copy.

Acceptable forms of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • ACH/direct deposit
  • a check made out to “Classy Writing, LLC”

Four Core Freelance Ghostwriting Services

Content strategy as part of Michelle's freelance ghostwriting services.
Editing and proofreading are among the freelance ghostwriting services Michelle offers.
Lead-generating content - part of Michelle's freelance ghostwriting services.
Training - another of Michelle's freelance ghostwriting services.

Our agreement

For larger projects, I’ll provide a proposal that outlines the scope of the work at no cost and no obligation. If we decide to proceed, even for a “test” project, it will be under an agreement either you or I provide. A contract respects each party’s efforts, aligns our expectations, and shows we’re committed to a successful project.

How I work with you

  1. If I can help you with your project, we’ll arrange an informal meeting by phone or video.
  2. We’ll assess whether we’re a good fit and clarify your project goals and intentions. If your project is a “go,” we’ll discuss:
  • Project details
  • Pricing and payment methods
  • Our availability
  • Our preferred communication styles
  • Our roles and responsibilities
  • A deadline
  • Any questions you have
  1. I’ll ask questions about the scope of your project, review related content, and gather information. This might involve another meeting to help me customize your project to meet your marketing goals and resolve your problems. If you’re too busy, I’ll email you a questionnaire or request a detailed brief. You’ll get well-written content tailored to your needs that will help you connect with your target market and grow your business.
  2. If necessary, I can create an outline before I write. For editing, I’ll assess the work involved based on the unedited piece (if possible).

I can’t guarantee specific results. But I promise you’ll be satisfied with my well-written copy that meets industry marketing best practices.