Editing and Proofreading Services for Business

Studies show readers tend to avoid ads and web pages with typos, which means quality editing and proofreading services can boost business.

Editing and proofreading don’t just involve verbal flair. It’s more than simply correcting grammar and punctuation fails or trimming sentences. It’s a blend of art and skill, a feel for the way of words.

It involves checking passages to see if they flow, they’re in logical order, and easy to understand (and scan). Depending on the context, it can also include fact-checking and crediting sources. And if your AI-generated prose needs a polish, an editing pro can add the final sheen.


Michelle Troutman wearing glasses and smiling while she promotes editing and proofreading services for business.

About Michelle and Her Editing and Proofreading Services for Business

I sometimes use artificial intelligence (AI) to edit and proofread (you might have, too). For years, it has excelled as an assistant editor and proofreader, often in the form of spell-check.

But it’s not the rake that catches every mistake.

For instance, in one of my drafts, a major grammar checker passed the phrase “simply the process.” I had intended to write the word “simplify” rather than “simply.” I caught the error while I read the passage aloud.

That’s why more than one method provides a finer tooth-comb check to perfect your content.

I’m also not a writer who happens to edit. I’ve been hired for my editing and proofreading services alone. More than 15 years of writing experience has refined my eye for details.

You might not get grammar that complies with every rule. But clear and concise copy distinguishes your business. It may also convince potential customers to contact you.

Remember: The quality of your marketing materials reflects on you and your work. To show every facet of your business in its best light, polish each draft until it sparkles like a diamond.

Whether it involves a mix of man and machine, clean copy requires effort. When you do it right, it makes a difference in attracting the right clients.

Pricing varies by the project, such as the type of content and the length.

I rely on Michelle for her expertise, efficiency, and constant professionalism. Her work reflects a keen knowledge of the language, an eye for detail, and an understanding of a reader’s needs and wants.

sarah fuller, owner, fuller ink

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