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Learn how to write clearly to win the right leads. And gain trust with content that respects and connects with your prospects.

Each newsletter/blog lists five business writing tips and five tips only. That’s because you’re busy running your service business. I also include a few quotable quotes related to the topic. Unless I ramble on, you should be able to read it in five minutes or less. Plus, when you subscribe, you’ll get a Checklist for Creating Content to Reach the Right Clients.

And unlike other business writing e-newsletters, it doesn’t cover AI all the time. 🙂

I always learn something from your lessons. Thanks.

John Hayden, former president, C.W. Hayden

Recent Business Writing Tips (2022-2024):

5 Steps to Write a Unique Selling Proposition, Value Proposition, or Tagline (Examples)

Learn how to write a unique selling proposition, value proposition, or tagline that truly sets your business apart–with examples.

5 Steps to Define Your Core Brand Values to Draw Ideal Clients

What are your core brand values? Discover how to express your beliefs to attract clients who align with them.

5 Steps to More Credible Articles (and Other Marketing Content)

Learn how to write more credible articles and boost your trustworthiness and authority with these tips, which go beyond the obvious tactics.

5 Common Business Writing Woes Free AI Editors Can Resolve

The best no-cost tools to help you sort your gibberish into everyday English.

5 Ways to Simplify Complex Concepts in Your Writing

How to make your ideas more memorable and easier for your readers to understand.

5 More Ways to Find the Right Word

More methods to discover the perfect word or phrase using your visual and verbal skills.

5 Essentials of Effective Business Writing

With the growing use of AI for writing, it’s vital to know what goes into good copy.

5 Steps to Write a Good Newsletter Article

Discover how a great idea, a basic format, and quality content merge to form a “must read” message.

5 Modern Ways to Write for SEO

Knowing how to write for SEO can help your content get more visits. Use these tips to meet current standards.

5 Steps to Consistent Brand Messaging, Language, and Style

Learn how to use your brand voice consistently to connect with customers.

5 Ways to Boost Your Writing Style and Tone

How to write content that connects with readers.

5 Writing Apps to Improve Your Content

Tools to find the right words and tighten your writing to make it easy for everyone to read and understand.

I enjoy reading your newsletters for I always learn something or am reminded of something I’ve tucked away in my gray matter.

Jane Myers, owner, The Victorian Pen and Jems d’Amour

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