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Newsletter Resources

These are some excellent articles with advice on how to make the most of your emails.

Other Resources

These are some of the businesses and organizations I’ve worked with or have been affiliated and recommend their services.

Accentuous Electrolysis
Waterville electrologist Barbara Berube offers hair removal at reasonable rates.

CEI Maine
CEI provides loans, counseling, and other guidance to small businesses. I used to attend the CEI women’s business breakfasts hosted by one of their counselors, Betty Gensel.

This volunteer organization of retired executives offers help and counseling to people who want to start or improve a business. Their advice has helped me and my business.

The Winthrop Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce
Serving Winthrop, Manchester, Monmouth, and nearby communities.

Vivid Art and Design
As I wrote in a Women’s Quarterly feature, Pittston artist and designer Arlene Kelley creates bold, simple images. Whether you need a logo, a layout, or a portrait, Arlene’s eye-catching art hits the mark.