Lead Generating Content Marketing Services for Service Providers

Get the right clients with lead-generating content marketing

Fed up with leads who can’t pay your fees? Have clients who expect you to solve every problem–even the ones you don’t handle?

When it comes to lead-generating content marketing, it’s not just what you say that affects the kind of clients you attract. It’s also how you say it. Clearly stating why you’re in business and what sets you apart is one way to separate the buyers from the tire-kickers. And boost your brand.


Get regular or “one-off” content that highlights your expertise and persuades leads to contact you. These packages put you in charge, so you get only the copy you want, when you want it.

The Peace of Mind Package

Price: $600 for one newsletter (300-500 words), one blog post (500-800 words), and four social media posts.*

This is for one “test” project. If you like my work, I can resume this service regularly or on a retainer basis.

It includes:

  • an initial consultation
  • ideation or content idea generation
  • blog post: SEO keywords; posting to your content management system
  • social media: hashtags; posting to your platform(s)
  • e-newsletter: headlines and preview text; adding your own or stock images; plugging the body content into your platform; scheduling it to send upon your approval
  • two rounds of revision free

For unique needs, I offer custom pricing.

One Project at a Time

Price range: $200 and up based on the type of project, the length, scope, etc.*

Your choice of one of the following:

It includes:

  • an initial consultation
  • ideation or content idea generation (optional)
  • posting the content to your platform or sending it (if applicable)
  • a content strategy session
  • two rounds of revision free

Limit: 1 per customer at a time

Price and options vary based on your needs.* It includes some or all of the following:

  • an initial consultation
  • ideation or content idea generation
  • a finished piece critique
  • a review of your overall strategy to see what’s missing or where you could improve to help you win ideal clients

Imagine what you could do with a new website, a blog, or a landing page geared toward gaining ideal clients.

Consider what you want the copy to accomplish, like introducing a new product or service or making a statement. This shapes the tone and style. It should reflect your unique brand voice and personality.

About Michelle and How Classy Writing Can Raise Your Profile

For more than six years, I’ve saved service professionals time so they may focus on other tasks. And through clear and concise copy, maintain an image aligned with their values and those of their customers.

Research by Harvard has shown that 6 out of 10 buyers prefer brands that share their values.

No matter the choice, you can trust me to do the job for you. I know how hard it is to attract new clients when you’re busy running your business. I’ve been there.

I’ll do all the work while you get all the credit, saving you time and calming your concerns — sound fair?

Michelle Troutman smiling as she promotes her lead generating content marketing services.


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to work with you. Will your services fit my budget?

As a savvy buyer, you know that investing in quality custom content, which you may reuse many times, can help you reach ideal clients. And you also understand the effort involved. To get better results, the work involves thought and research into your goals and your customers’ “pain points” or headaches.

Finding the right balance between information and emotion to prompt them to contact you is crucial. Though I use artificial intelligence (AI) for editing, I handcraft every sentence.

I’ve worked with Michelle on legal blog articles and other writing projects. She’s always very professional in her approach and works hard to meet the goals and deadlines of the project. She’s open to feedback, willing to toss around ideas, and flexible when it comes to new directions and priorities.

elaine gammon, marketing director, berman & simmons

What makes your writing different?

The way we present ourselves influences the clients we attract. To sharpen your image, I write clear and concise copy to connect with respect for your readers–in your voice, without gibberish, in everyday English.

It also explains why and how you do what you do. Research shows that when a company’s values match their customers’, it’s more likely to win business. When you highlight what drives you in your business, people can relate to you and your firm stands out.

Classy Writing respects your target audience and could entice people to contact you. The results include emails in response to resourceful articles to a TV spot for a retirement community based on a press release.

Her writing is clear and concise. I like the way she stays focused on her work. Customer satisfaction seems to be her main goal. She really cares about creating something special to fit your individual needs.

barbara berube, owner, accentuous electrolysis

Will we work well together?

Ideally, we share similar values. Please read more about me and the clients I work best with. Do that before you contact me to ensure we’re on the same page and that I can help you attract ideal clients.

Michelle is efficient, professional, and her work is timely and accurate. She is a joy to work with and is always quick to address any problems or concerns.

barbara walsh, former executive director, winthrop lakes region chamber of commerce

In the end, you may stick to your usual marketing methods–and get the same results. Or you can try a fresh approach to brighten your firm like a diamond, reflecting your radiance to the right clients.

Sharpen your image and your content to win ideal clients