Business Writing Coach – Sharpen Your Image for Success

Do you make these mistakes in your business writing?

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Without the help of a business writing coach, some people use expressions such as “for all intensive purposes” and “It’s a mute point” in their emails. Others say that “the team are working” instead of “the team is working.” It is astonishing how often “its” is mistaken for “it’s.”

Few also remember that “i” comes before “e” except after “c,” resulting in misspellings like “recieve.” And they place commas where periods ought to be (known as a comma splice).

Beyond these errors, some people use dull, lifeless words, which make their emails and texts as interesting as a curling match.

Why We Make Business Writing Mistakes

My surveys of workers for nonprofits, healthcare, and professional services show that some of their biggest writing problems are:

  • lack of confidence in their writing: concerns about correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • an inability to focus
  • lack of time
  • trouble generating ideas

When we write, we often don’t think of rules. Even if we know them, we can forget them.

As English instructor Sherwin Cody discovered, some people don’t write in proper English because they didn’t form the habit of doing so. But it’s never too late to learn.

Certain methods may help you foster the habit so you won’t abandon it like a New Year’s resolution. In fact, you can improve your business grammar and spelling every day in minutes.

It involves learning by doing–making mistakes and learning from them. Because research has shown that if we discover what we did wrong, we tend to learn faster.

Best of all, you don’t need to memorize any rules.

How a Business Writing Coach Helps Sharpen Your Image

AI can correct and critique your mistakes. But it can’t teach you how to improve your grammar and spelling quickly so everyone will “get” your messages. (If you want to include AI in your lessons, however, you may learn how it will enhance your wording.)

With a business writing coach, you’ll get:

  • Knowledge of how to write better and clearly in your own voice to boost your business or career success
  • Solutions for specific writing woes to help you and your wording look and sound better

Beyond lessons, you can get live mentoring during business hours to correct your sentences or guide your grammar.

Michelle Troutman smiling while wearing eyeglasses.

About Michelle and Her Compassionate Coaching Style

As your business writing coach, I’ll support you through lessons you may finish at your own pace. Having made mistakes, I understand the frustration and feelings of embarrassment.

With 16+ years of writing experience, including working with service providers who have made grammar errors, I won’t laugh at you.

A good command of the English language is within your grasp. The process doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming.

Well-written text helps you look smarter, feel more confident, and earn respect.

Three Coaching Options

Coaching: Expert Guidance

Price: $75 an hour


  • 1/2 hour lesson and 1/2 hour of homework by phone or videoconference
  • homework feedback

Mentoring: Coaching + More

Pricing: $200 a month


  • 1/2 hour lessons and homework
  • access by text or the Slack app whenever you need advice (within business hours)

Consultation: Easy Content Reviews

When you have almost everything you need but want to clarify a few essentials.

Pricing: $100


  • one hour of advice on any type of lead-generating content


  • a one-on-one content review with feedback

Remember: you’re not just boosting your knowledge–you’re gaining access to someone with more than 15 years of writing experience who understands the pleasures and pains of writing. And how good writing can show you in your best light.

Enhance your career success! Sharpen your image and your writing