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newsletter writer

An experienced newsletter writer can create a useful email that enhances your look and your brand.

Beyond email marketing campaigns, newsletters inform and influence readers to take action. People see them as news, boosting your credibility. Email marketing campaigns are more persuasive to entice readers to respond to an offer.

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About Newsletter Writer Michelle Troutman

Outside of social media, as a form of direct response marketing, you can measure an email campaign’s success or failure quickly.

I’ve made newsletters from template to proofing for ten years in MailChimp and Constant Contact. I’ve learned that where you place content affects readers’ interest and response rates.

Bots and Apple’s privacy protection may skew open rates. Click-through rates are sometimes a more accurate measure of an email’s effectiveness (outside of replies).

An overlooked part of newsletter creation is making them easy to read for all. To meet accessibility standards, among the methods I use, I write descriptive hyperlink text.


Your clients often get to know you through your emails. If your messages don’t click, you may attract the wrong clients–those who disrespect you and your skills. What we reflect, we also attract.

Not everyone has the knack and the knowledge — let alone the time — to make newsletters themselves. A newsletter writer who knows the nuances of crafting effective newsletters may boost your odds of winning clients who value you and your expertise.


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The Peace of Mind Package

It includes:

  • an initial consultation
  • ideation or content idea generation
  • blog post: SEO keywords; posting to your content management system
  • social media: hashtags; posting to your platform(s)
  • e-newsletter: headlines and preview text; adding your own or stock images; plugging the body content into your platform; scheduling it to send upon your approval
  • two rounds of revision free

Price: $600 for one newsletter (300-500 words), one blog post (500-800 words), and four social media posts.*

This is for one “test” project. If you like my work, I can resume this service regularly or on a retainer basis.

Email Marketing Campaign Package

It includes:

  • an initial consultation
  • ideation or content idea generation
  • 3-4 automated emails for a “drip” campaign: headline, preview text, body copy, and calls-to-action; adding images and copy to your platform
  • a landing page to encourage people to sign up for these emails
  • two rounds of revision free

Price: $900 to $1,100*

For unique needs, I offer custom pricing.

*I’ll donate five percent of the proceeds to a local organization that supports business ownership. I can send you a copy of the receipt as proof of the donation, too.

Michelle is efficient, professional, and her work is timely and accurate. She is a joy to work with and is always quick to address any problems or concerns.

Barbara Walsh, Former Executive Director, The Winthrop Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce