How to Make the Redundant Less Abundant

Redundancies occur when we write phrases with words that have the same or similar meanings.  I don’t always tear my hair out when I read them.  Occasionally, they make me chuckle.

redundancySometimes, we don’t think about the words we use or we don’t fully understand their meanings.  Don’t be afraid to consult a dictionary if you don’t know.  We can also become so used to seeing redundancies, we assume they’re correct when they’re not.  Advertising copy is often grammatically incorrect (“free gift,” anyone?).

If you lack time, check lists of redundancies, like the one in my newsletter.  After a while, you’ll recognize them when others misuse them.  That’s the curse of more knowledge.

We should be more precise with our language and question whether every word we use truly does “tell,” or mean what we intend it to mean.  So, don’t skimp on editing and proofreading.  It doesn’t pay to be sloppy; the time you spend to improve your writing and your knowledge will result in better communication for you and for everyone.

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What do you think?

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