Health Copywriter – Freelance Health Writer – Consultant

Without the guidance of a health copywriter, you can fail to turn technical terms into easy-to-read language. You may also struggle to find fresh, engaging content ideas.

A health copywriter and consultant can create innovative “patient facing” content to boost your image and ability to reach satisfied clients.

About Health Copywriter Michelle Troutman and Classy Writing for Clearer Copy

Health and wellness are among my passions. I’m dedicated to better well-being through regular exercise and a vegetarian diet low on processed foods. I also keep current with the latest health news.

I don’t just write and edit. I also offer ideas and rework existing content so you may get more out of it. And I turn gibberish into everyday English.

I’m HubSpot-certified in SEO, email, inbound, and content marketing. With my SEO experience, I can optimize your site with targeted keywords while I follow the latest best practices.

Health copywriter Michelle Troutman smiling.

Accuracy, easy-to-read articles, and compliance with HIPAA privacy rules and government guidelines are essential in healthcare marketing.

A health copywriter who follows the rules can amplify your success through:

  • ghostwriting articles and books in your unique voice.
  • crafting SEO-enhanced website copy
  • writing press releases to appeal to the media and generate publicity.
  • brainstorming fresh ideas of interest your audience.
  • researching trending topics to help your business look current.
  • creating clear and concise newsletters and social media and blog posts
  • penning copy that persuades patients to act on an offer


Four Core Writing Services

Content strategy by a health copywriter.
Editing and proofreading services by a health copywriter.
Lead-generating content marketing by a health copywriter.
Training by a health copywriter.

AI-generated copy is as generic as the caduceus or staff with two snakes, a common symbol that applies to any medical provider. If you don’t speak in plain English or don’t distinguish your practice, you may fail to attract patients who value you and your expertise.

When your content doesn’t reach the right clients or communicate the benefits of working with you clearly, consider reworking it.