Law Firm Copywriter – Get the Right Leads Without Legalese

Need a law firm copywriter to write clearer content to reach the right clients? Are your customers turned off by too much legalese?

Terms like “intervivos” (Latin for “living”) can confuse prospects so much they become lost leads. Or the clients you get expect you to do things that conflict with your beliefs.

Quality law firm copywriting turns your gibberish into everyday English that attracts clients who value you and your expertise.

About Law Firm Copywriter Michelle Troutman and Her Legal Writing Experience

I’m not just a legal copywriter and consultant, I’ve also been a client. I’ve gone through the estate planning process and was a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit and a class-action case.

I’m HubSpot-certified in SEO, email, inbound, and content marketing. I also have SEO experience to optimize your site with targeted keywords.

With six years of experience writing for law firms, I understand the importance of complying with state and attorney advertising laws.

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Four Core Writing Services

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Lead-generating content by law firm copywriter Michelle Troutman.
Training by law firm copywriter Michelle Troutman

A detail-oriented approach is crucial for legally accurate content that reaches satisfied clients.

Defining your personality and expressing your beliefs may also set your firm apart and separate the serious buyers from the tire-kickers. If you don’t offer this information or can’t convey it clearly, prospects can see you as just another attorney. AI-generated law firm copywriting, for instance, is as generic as the scales of justice, which apply to any practice.

When you describe what distinguishes you, you become a person rather than a faceless brand. Clear copywriting for law firms can win leads who will turn to YOU instead of another attorney for advice because they know, like, and trust you. When they respect you and your advice, they’re more likely to stay loyal to your firm.

I’ve worked with Michelle on legal blog articles and other writing projects. She’s always very professional in her approach and works hard to meet the goals and deadlines of the project. She’s open to feedback, willing to toss around ideas, and flexible when it comes to new directions and priorities.

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